Illustration by Blue and White Creative and Benjamin Lam
Illustration by Blue and White Creative and Benjamin Lam


We’ve been commissioned by numerous organisations to create original large-scale artwork within their buildings. These include school receptions and corridors, prison libraries, recreation areas and hospital environments such as X-ray rooms and waiting areas.

Our objective is to make sure these signature pieces are absolutely right for the environment in which they’re located. We therefore place great store on consulting key individuals and groups who use the building on a regular basis to ensure their needs are met effectively.

"Award winning project - A Walk in the Park is an intelligent, playful and sensitive transformation of a clinical environment. "
West Midlands Arts and Wellbeing Awards

Speaking to managers and staff within the organisation enables us to produce a tailor-made solution that helps them in their day to day work. One great example of this is 'A Walk in the Park’, a project we undertook in a clinical environment for an NHS organisation. After speaking to the health specialists we created custom-made artwork that used distraction techniques and games to calm anxiety in patients, particularly children, who were undergoing an X-ray. These included counting exercises with butterflies and a game which involved discovering a number of frogs hidden in the artwork.

It’s not just staff we speak to - we’ll also consult service users. Running creative workshops enables groups to develop ideas and artwork with us, giving them a stake in the project.  Have a look at the 'Starfish Suite' artwork below. It contains hundreds of thousands drawings by young people on the theme of 'under the sea’.

Client: Walsall NHS, Birmingham Children's Hospital and Hillcrest School · Photography: Keith Bloomfield, Blue and White Creative · Design: Blue & White Creative, Liam Smyth, Agata Kopff and Benjamin Lam · Creative Workshops: Keith Bloomfield and Blue and White Creative