Project participant, photography by Lee Allen
Project participant, photography by Lee Allen

Seat & Barrow

Urban Living and Beyond Bricks commissioned us to help plot-holders on the Livingstone Road Allotment in Birchills, Birmingham address long-standing challenges at the site. These included fly tipping, anti-social behaviour, site access and plot boundary disputes.

We helped the allotment committee find practical solutions to these problems. More importantly, we helped plot-holders celebrate the fantastic community they had created - a collective of dedicated people growing amazing produce and with so many wonderful stories to share.

“We aren’t going to stop until the body tells us we can’t do it no more... whenever that is. This is why we are down here six days a week having lots a fun.” 
William Channer Allotment holder

We brought plot holders together with council representatives to discuss the challenges and how best to solve them. We created an up-to date-map of the plots. We worked with young people to give them a taste of allotment life, helping them create signage for the site and encouraging them to own a plot themselves in the future.

To complement this, we interviewed plot holders about their lives and why they owned an allotment. We took hundreds of photographs which culminated in a commemorative DVD and newspaper you can watch and download.